that ,about ,love ,it’s ,would ,with ,it’s better ,true love


Let’s discuss about what to do with her!

First I should peer at my present deal with her! What’s my sense for her? If she wasn’t rank would I think about her again?? Is she beautiful?? Am I fallen in love?? Is it a true love?

It had been accidents that support the theory of true love!! Also we have looked at each other in a lovely way! And you know she started the deal!!

I can’t marry her because of many reasons (money, fertility, backstabbing to H.L, our family difference…)  

So it would be very bad to play with her emotions!

Also I have done something that indicated my love! If I give up it may damage (if she doesn’t hate me!) her!!

She had understood my feelings by her post!


I can’t stop thinking about you!

Suddenly the Babazadeh issue remind of that filth in myself!!(that inheritance thought!)

I think in this dust I shouldn’t care about benefits! It’s really important to avoid costs!

Can it be possible that she swears at me and free me like the lady in gambler!

For now it’s better to focus on the project and later by the beginning of the term I will decide!

But how if it’s better to solve this and then go to project?

Imagine that she hated you from beginning! How preposterous it would be!

Help me lord

Your attentive Novice,



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